Disciples of Excremental Liturgies

by Μνήμα



After four years of wretched existence the doomsday clock has finally ground to an ominous halt. The coffin is being lowered into the ground, and the weeping crones wail to the heavens in anguish. This is an event like none other, a wretched and ruinous transpiration only witnessed once in a lifetime: Disciples Of Excremental Liturgies, the very first Μνήμα full-length album, arrives in February 2022.

Fifteen releases thus far have scraped the black tar from the deepest pits of the soul. Every one the definition of auditory terror; each savage cut a million voices whispering in your ears and pulling you to eternal silence via their own cruel methodologies, channeling darkness and pestilence in its own quintessential manner. But for this first, fully expanded exploration of the Μνήμα psychosis, are any of those same twisted and worn paths travelled one more? Nay, they are not. Vomited forth from the yawning maw of abject insanity, Disciples Of Excremental Liturgies dares return to the core sound of depressive and classic BLACK METAL and grip it with both hands, gnashing its teeth and tearing it apart. Skin from flesh, cartilage from bone - the blueprint of the ancients is warped and mutilated in abhorrent mania, becoming nought but the sound of nightmares dragging themselves over horrifying masses of corpses writhing in undying woe and purgatorial excruciation. You will be crushed, hollowed by the torrent of never-ending despair; lost in a churning cauldron of mental ash as the howls of the dead reverberate in your skull… howls that may very well be your own.

Releasing February 2022 under the rotting banners of Phantom Lure (CD), Atrocity Altar (CS) and His Wounds (LP, Black limited to 200 plus an exclusive undisclosed variant), Disciples Of Excremental Liturgies represents raw, mind-shattering agony, puking black rancid blood on the shards of your sanity. You have never experienced misery like Μνήμα, and there may never be another Μνήμα release like this.

As the coffin is lowered you will be dragged down screaming alongside it. The torment is eternal. WORSHIP THE BLACK FUCKING NOISE!



releases February 10, 2022


all rights reserved



Μνήμα Athens, Greece

Raw Black Metal/Noise

One million voices,Whispering in my ears,
Pulling me in to Eternal Silence.

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