Tombs of Necromantic Lunacy (EP)

by Μνήμα

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Qio Z Ro
Qio Z Ro thumbnail
Qio Z Ro This band are so good, just super raw black metal with a ton of noise over the top. Useful for sandblasting annoying neighbours! Favorite track: Tombs of Necromantic Lunacy.
Nate Gough
Nate Gough thumbnail
Nate Gough The epitome of disturbing and chaotic music. It's the soundtrack to your worst nightmare.
Aaron Dexter Bray
Aaron Dexter Bray thumbnail
Aaron Dexter Bray Artist: Μνήμα
Year: 2020
Fuck yes, a new materialization in a plume of howling, gibbering sulfuric mania - the freshest and most fetid EP from the shadowed spectre of this insane Greek subterranean solo project. Want to know what it sounds like? Picture the images conjured by that title... yeah, exactly like that. I fucking love this project. Favorite track: Tombs of Necromantic Lunacy.
Pauline Zipser
Pauline Zipser thumbnail
Pauline Zipser Sharp, painful, delirious. My cochleae need an exorcism. Favorite track: Χολή.
ninox111 thumbnail
ninox111 I’m now into this band, luv their catalog it’s the most disgusting sickening sound ever. Black metal version of Last Days Of Humanity.
👍🏽 Favorite track: Tombs of Necromantic Lunacy.
Χολή 03:27


released September 24, 2020


all rights reserved



Μνήμα Athens, Greece

Raw Black Metal/Noise

One million voices,Whispering in my ears,
Pulling me in to Eternal Silence.

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